Addi W.


I came here for my migraines after a friend told me about them. I am very satisfied and will definitely be back! 

The space is super industrial and really cool; it was an old mechanic. My tip is to fill out the paper work prior (I didn't do this) but if you can't it's totally fine. They customize your treatment based off of your needs. 

I have Empire insurance and it was covered! I was very happy! It's nice that they do take insurance. 

The treatment itself was super relaxing and I was nervous that I would have a headache when I left. I fell asleep during and usually when I open my eyes after sleeping to bright lights it triggers a headache or migraine but I felt nothing! I was so excited. I also felt super relaxed and that in and of itself is a reason I'll be returning. 

They also have this awesome drink that's a on tap (not alcoholic) but tastes like a white wine or apple cider to me. I forget what it's called but I'll be back for that too. I think it's Kambucha? I have no idea but it's great