Alex H.


Really liked the treatment here. I went for my first treatment at this location this weekend and intend to come back.  I've had acupuncture treatments many times before, but never on a regular basis.  I've recently been wanting to find an acupuncturist for regular treatments, and I think I've found the place.  The folks there were laid back and made me feel comfortable.  The setting is clean and open, and the vibe felt good.  The practitioner who worked on me really took his time and seemed to want to connect deeply with who I am, where I'm at, and what I was bringing to the clinic for treatment and healing.  He was willing to engage in an involved discussion with me, before the session, regarding my complaints, which were varied, and I got the sense he was applying a deep attention and intention towards understanding what was going on and preparing to work with me. While the practitioner explained that it would take a series of treatment sessions to address all of my complaints, he did attempt - at my request - to deal with many of the issues I brought, from the physical to the emotional-spiritual.  The session was deep.  You know when you fall into that awesome-feeling, somewhat lucid state of sleep that feels kind of like being half asleep, but is a little bit beyond that?  The kind of sleep that feels so deeply restful and rejuvenating, that you can only get during an acupuncture treatment, on a massage table, and sometimes in a car, and that you don't want to be woken up from?  Yeah, that pretty much describes the final phase of my session at this clinic.  Beyond that, while I didn't break out laughing during the treatment, begin crying profusely, or have any kind of out-of-body experiences, my voice was somehow very noticeably deeper afterwards.  This is something which, as a typical American male in his late thirties, I was grateful for, and which has happened to me one other time - during a breathwork session.  I would say that this, along with feeling much lighter following the treatment - like a fog had been lifted from me - and the fact that the pain was gone from an ankle which had been sprained, makes for a pretty solid treatment. As I say, I intend to return here regularly and recommend that anyone give this place a try.  Oh yeah, did I mention they seem to offer a variety of treatment levels, with some pretty affordable options?