Laura T.


Just had a great experience at LIC Community Acupuncture! To begin, the space is one of a kind! I've been to other acupuncture spaces that feel old or an after thought, but this space is relaxing, modern, and clean. And they have kombucha on tap! Second, Morgan and Seung are the best! Both of them are lovely people which makes it easier to trust them with your mind and body.

Finally, as I mentioned, I've been to other acupuncturist, but this is the first time I've had someone explain to me what they were doing. And Seung was happy to answer all of my questions and wasn't bothered, at all! And in the middle of my session, when I was deep into relaxation, it started to rain and the sound of the rain on their sunroof was the perfect touch. I will definitely be back! Mahalo Morgan and Seung!