Michelle M.


I am an out-of-towner, but I have a local friend that has been receiving acupuncture treatment from Morgan for a while and she recommended that I try it as well! As a first timer, I was a little bit nervous because my only experience with acupuncture was just seeing it on TV or movies so I thought maybe I'd end up looking like a porcupine with all those needles on me! Obviously, I learned that isn't how it works. I had a consultation with Morgan and told him about some of my ailments (anxiety, fatigue, stress, etc.) and he was incredibly knowledgeable about why he was targeting the specific points on the body. He made me feel completely comfortable so I was able to totally get into the treatment. After the needles were put in, I told Morgan that I was able to feel a very light and airy sensation coursing through my legs! It was actually so nice. Because of my anxiety, I generally don't know what it's like to truly relax but this was probably the closest to relaxed I've felt in a long time. I really wish I lived in NYC so I can keep coming back here, but this has inspired me to look into acupuncture in my neck of the woods! I also got a chance to talk with Seung and Bo and they are extremely lovely people as well. They all really love what they do and it shows. Highly recommend!