Sandy H.


Bear with me, this review is long but worth reading through. 

I live with chronic pain. My leg has been in bad shape after a bicycle accident that happened more than 8 years ago. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I find myself clutching my knee because it is throbbing. For years, I've lived with this pain, numbing it with just about every relief tactic possible -- from recreational drug usage to weekly massages, analgesic topical creams, physical therapy, you name it. After so many attempts of trying to fix the issue and no lasting results, you begin to accept that the pain is here to stay. 

That said, acupuncture felt like my final attempt. And I'm *so* deeply grateful and glad to say that it has been working like a miracle for me.

Seung's practice started with a thorough assessment of who I am, my medical history, my history with chronic pain and an evaluation of my previous experience with acupuncture. Being a person of transgender experience also, I've usually felt wary of most healthcare clinics and practices that do not have a gender-expansive intake form for their patients. I was positively satisfied when I saw that there was an option on the intake form to describe my gender identity more thoroughly outside of the options of only male and female -- this lent to me feeling much safer and much more affirmed in my entire experience. 

LIC Community Acupuncture is located on a quiet section of LIC's growing infrastructure, the clinic is brightly lit in the lobby, minimal in its design and yet perfectly warm and hospitable when it comes to the private section. Seung was very professional and yet also held the candor that one may appreciate from an owner-operated small business. 

I opted to purchase the 5-pack private sessions knowing full-well that my chronic pain would not be alleviated with just one visit. I am currently more than 50% through my sessions and can already attest to the balance I feel I have achieved, causing me to feel more vitality, more quality in my step and movement, more quality rest and restoration. 

The best part about my sessions with Seung is that while there is a strong focus on alleviating pain, Seung is also taking the opportunity to educate me on what aspects of my body and my lifestyle are interconnected and how I might shift certain behaviors to help maintain my strength/energy. I have a better awareness now of what areas need more attention when I am stretching or exercising. I have a better awareness now of how my body works on a holistic level, not just where my pain is isolated. 

All in all, the results of my visits have been tremendous and I hope to share this with anyone else who suffers from chronic pain or fatigue from their pain. Try this out! It may just be the relief you've been looking for.