Roxanne B.


I found out about this place through Class Pass. It was my first time doing acupuncture so I didn't know what to expect. I came for stress and upper back pain (I've been using a terrible mattress which causes pinched nerves, etc). When I came in my pain was 6/10 and anxiety 6/10. After the acupuncture he recommended cupping and then we tried that. It was a great therapeutic experience. The place looks cool and gives off a peaceful atmosphere, nice music, smells great, felt safe and cared for. I wanted to stay there for as long as possible, it was so relaxing. He also took photos of the process for my blog which I appreciated. It's always awkward to ask someone for a surprise photo shoot haha. In leaving my pain was 3/10 and anxiety 1/10. I was so happy/surprised my pain went away because it was at the point where advil and other drugs didn't do anything. Also, I felt relaxed and happy that I was practicing self care. Overall, satisfied with my experience and am looking forward to going back. :)