We work with companies that produce the freshest, cleanest, and highest quality herbal products on the market. For example:

Spring Wind

  • Performs cell structure comparisons and active ingredient matching to ensure correct species identification

  • Sources their herbs from Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified farms and ethically wildcrafted locations

  • Tests for over 380 pesticides through 3rd party GMP certified facilities

    • Only a reading of ND (none-detected) is accepted.

    • Some herbal companies accept an "allowable" quantity of toxins.

    • Although this "allowable" amount is considered legal according to U.S. guidelines, these trace amounts can accumulate inside the body.


  • Herbs on average must pass 15 tests before delivery to end-user. Some of these tests include:

    • Active Ingredient test

    • Heavy Metal test

    • Yeast and Mold test

    • Salmonella, E. coli, and Staphylococcus test

    • Aflatoxin test

    • Aristolochic Acid test

    • Microscopic Cellular Identity Check

    • Pesticide test

  • Practices “Seed to Shelf” consciousness

    • Promoted by Dr. David Eisenberg of Harvard University

    • This is an approach to tracking herbs and maintaining accountability from the origin as seeds, through planting, maturation, harvesting, processing, and testing, until the herbs are delivered to the patient or clinician.

  • Led by Dr. John Chen, a western medical pharmacist & licensed acupuncturist


We offer treatments that can't be done at other facilities. Moxa (short for moxibustion) is a highly therapeutic treatment that involve burning herbs over specific areas of the body. It has a warming & energizing effect that is hard mimic with other treatments. And, among a host of other benefits, it is especially good for joint pain that is affected by weather.

But to do this properly, the right ventilation has to be in place. Most clinics are not outfitted to handle the smoke that arises from this therapy. But at LICCA, we renovated everything under the roof, and our space was built with this kind of treatment in mind. 

Also, the raw quality of our facility allows the use of soaks for strains, sprains, and other injuries. It can also be very beneficial for surgery rehabilitation. This process is done with an herbal formula that is matched to the stage of a patient's recovery. Early stage formulas for recent injuries have a cooling effect to reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, and reduce pain. Later stage formulas focus on promoting circulation, enhancing tissue repair, and regaining mobility.